The Wedding, 1993, 6x3.5
I once attended a wedding celebrated on Heart Island. The bride, in a long, white gown and veil, was rowed across the river to the island in a skiff. She fluttered like a beautiful bird across the stiff, sunny September morning.
The arch speaks of the formality of marriage, the institution, solid and physical, with contract and law, the foundation of family. The two uprights of the arch bend together and hold each other up with great strength.
The two people in the small boat on the large, expansive river of life, fluid and vast, ever moving to the sea, are the spirit of marriage. They must keep each other counsel and company in rough water and calm. If they are afraid and inflexible and take each other for granted, then no boat is big enough. If they are intrepid and resourceful and seek to nurture love, then no boat is too small. - GL

From a letter to Maurice and Jayne Simpson, on their anniversary.
The wedding on Heart Island was the union of Andrea Larkins and Matt Kearns.